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viewing Social Responsibility

The Bank has the core principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of its strategy, objectives and policies. CSR is sound business practice. It emphasizes the importance of achieving a balance between economic growth and social well being and the protection of the environment, in support of the goal of sustainable development .The Bank's obligations however, extend beyond the core function. The Bank finds itself voluntarily taking steps to improve the quality of life for its employees and their families as well as the local community and society at large.

The Bank is dedicated to promoting and maintaining an ethical orientation and culture in the Zambian financial sector. It believes in the application of ethical values; viz., integrity, professionalism, fairness, equity, courtesy, teamwork and value for money in the decision-making processes while demonstrating a high degree of social responsibility. These values are embedded in the Bank's written Code of Ethics, which every employee uses as a reference point in discharging day to day duties and responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility Principles

The Bank is committed to the following corporate social responsibility principles:

Local Community

The Bank recognizes that the community is important and endeavors to

Our People

The Bank recognizes that its people are vital to its success. It is therefore the policy of the Bank, supported by other existing human resources policies to:


The Bank will support activities that are aimed at sustaining a healthy and sustainable environment such as tree planting and keeping the environment clean at all times.


The amount to be spent on corporate social responsibility programmes will be presented on an annual basis in the Bank's budget and submitted to the Board for approval.